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2006 Blue Bird All American

Price: $12,500
School Buses
Phoenix, Arizona
This is a running 2006 Bluebird All American prison transport with working bathroom.
Caterpillar c7 engine with 196,000 miles. Starts and runs great. New batteries. Tires in good shape.
There is an ABS comm error but it runs and brakes fine.

It is currently setup as a zombie themed escape room. This could be be used or easily removed for an RV or other conversion. I left the gates in the bus and some of the seats.

The bus has 4 compartments.
6'5" ceiling height in the middle
Front/driving - 8' long from windshield to first gate
Small seating - 7.5' from first gate to second gate, currently still has 6 original seats
Main - 20' between gates with bathroom. all seats removed
Rear - 3' from gate to emergency exit

The front driving compartment has a driver seat and 2 other seats with seatbelts.
The first gated compartment still has 6 plastic bus seats
The main compartment has the majority of the escape room elements but are not permanently attached and could easily be removed. the toilet works and so do the water and black tank
The rear compartment has a seat with seatbelt